Father of cricket player Yuvraj Singh lashed out at the Indian Team captain Virender Singh Dhoni call him a “dictator”, “worst human ever”, and says “Dhoni has something against players from the North.

The recent comments of Yograj Singh have made headlines throughout Indian media due to the sharp words he used to call out Dhoni. Yuvraj in a tweet distanced himself from his father:


Yograj stated “Dhoni picks up and throws out whoever he wants.” When asked about his son being sold for 16 crore he said “16 crore is his value.”

He went onto say “god has slapped Dhoni in the face, and I don’t know what his issue is with players in the north, but I know he’s a very selfish person.”

He defended his son saying that he’s the best player in cricket which is why the IPL owners bid so much for him. He directly attacked Dhoni by saying Dhoni doesn’t want Yuvraj in the Indian cricket team. He said the “best one day player” got denied a chance on the team.

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