Major Indian newspapers have reported that a Lucknow man gifted his 35 year old daughter to his friends and then joined in for the gang-rape in Sitapur district which is about 70km from Lucknow.

One of the three suspects was arrested while the others were reported to be on the run.

The father and daughter attended a fair in nearby Kamlapur where he met with his friends and took her to one of his friend’s home.

The three men took turns in raping the girl and was locked inside his friend Meraj’s home until she managed to escape on her own.

The girl reached her home where she told the entire story to her mother and they quickly went to the police to register an FIR.

One of the accused Meraj as arrested while the father and his other friend were still on the loose.

The girl’s marriage didn’t last long and she returned back home 16 years ago. The father of the girl was banned from the village due to sexual misconduct with his own daughter.

The panchayat had made the decision that they would not allow the father to be back in the village.

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