Hema Malini is being criticized for not looking after the victims in the other car, one of them lost their life. The parents have told the media, their daughter’s life could’ve been saved if the 2 year old girl was taken to the hospital with Hema Malini.

The cousin of the family told TOI:

The family members alleged that they were not treated like the way, the other victims in the other car. “Hema Malini was straightaway rushed to hospital in Jaipur but we were sent to Dausa’s district hospital,” Hanuman’s cousin Rajiv Gupta said.

Khandelwal has a business of tyres and he occasionally came to Jaipur for business purposes. “Every purnima, I come to Jaipur closing my shop for a day. It was a purnima but it was fateful. I come to Jaipur by car and such incident never happened,” he said.

The father who was driving the Alto SUV told TOI:

“Agar woh doctor meri gudia ko bhi Hema malini ke saath hospital le jate, to shayad woh zinda hoti (had the doctor, who took injured Hema Malini to hospital, taken my daughter along with him, she would have been alive), Khandelwal said.

A doctor, who was passing by, had driven the actor-turned-politician to hospital in Jaipur.

”I can remember before drifting to unconsciousness that ahead of my car, there was a Wagon R, which crossed the road. I was driving the car at almost negligible speed. I took a turn to Lalsot on Jaipur-Agra road but within seconds a speeding Mercedes rammed into my car. After that what happened I did not remember. I have lodged an FIR against the driver of Mercedes for overspeeding and rash driving,” he said.

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