Father and Son Duo Who Saved Dozens of Muslims During Delhi Riots

Mohinder Singh and his son, residents of Gokulpuri owns a shop in the main market of the area. On the evening of 24 February, when a violent mob was busy vandalising the shops and pelting stones, Singh gave refuge to members of Muslim communities in his house. Singh said that his Muslim neighbours were scared and wanted to leave the area but he convinced them to stay in his house.

Mohinder Singh stated that he didn’t rescue the Muslim persons due to their religion but due to humanitarian grounds. He stated that Sikhism teaches to protect everyone and he was simply doing what he believed was a noble thing to do.

The father and son used a bullet bike and a scooter to transport people back and forth to save havens.

He went onto say that he was reminded of 1984 horror and wanted to do what he could to save as many lives as possible.

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