Video: Fatehveer Recovered from Borewell

Fatehveer Singh was pulled from original borewell using ropes after 6 days. The incident happened around 5am where before the public gathered in large numbers, the boy was pulled using massive police cover around the well.

Several news reporters on the scene stated that a cover up occurred where it was made to be seen that he was pulled from new borewell but he was actually pulled from original.

The boy was wrapped in a white blanked and immediately carried by a volunteer to the ambulance. The Ambulance rushed to hospital where he was being treated.

People on social media are unhappy with the government on why they waited 6 days if they were going to be pulling him from original well with ropes.

Further information on his health are being awaited.

Video of recovery of Fatehveer:

Watch Video at 10 Minutes:

Here is a video of the ambulance carrying Fatehveer Singh:

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