We live in an era which prizes individuality over almost any other human trait. The ability to work in a team, the ability to become a part of another’s self is almost frowned upon.

Amrit Kaur and Rabindra Kaur Singh – daughters of a doctor who emigrated to London in 1947- stand in proud defiance of these trends by creating a very collaborative and distinct school of art.

When in Art School, the two found themselves at loggerheads with their instructors because they had similar styles.

“When we studied, we were taught that self-expression and individualism were the be-all and end-all of modern art,” Rabindra says. “We were criticised for not being different enough. So we decided to challenge this western ideal of individuality by being the same.”

“Our individuality is our sameness,” says Amrit. And then they both laugh the same laugh.

Today the two make vivid art pieces which have been displayed in all the leading galleries of the world-including the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, the National Portrait Gallery, London, the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, The Smithsonian Institute, Washington and the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

The Singh Twins Teaser from David Elliott Thompson on Vimeo.

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