How Group of Sikh Farmers turned Barren tracts of Tamil Nadu into Mini Green Punjab!

Sardar Manmohan Singh, 65, looked completely at home in Tamil Nadu’s Vallandai village in his long flowing.

Sitting at one end of a plastic dining table amid acres of greenery on his Akal Farms, Singh shoots pointed questions towards Alaghu Kannan on the far side about the nature of the local soil, weather conditions, farming techniques and horticulture.

The younger man is composed and precise with his answers and finally manages to convince Singh to hire him.

“Spending money for specific scientific knowledge is a wise investment,” says Singh after signing up Kannan, who will visit once a fortnight and offer advice on the expansion of the farms owned by more than a dozen Sikh cultivators who wish to harvest fruits and vegetables on 400 acres in two years’ time from the 115 acres now.

Manmohan Singh and 46-year-old Darshan Singh arrived in Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram district in 2007 on the advice of their guru, a retired horticulture professor in Himachal Pradesh. Via: HT

At a time when crop failure is increasing in Tamil Nadu due to deficient monsoon, these Sikh farmers in the state’s Ramanathapuram district stand out with their innovative methods of farming – turning a barren land into orchards. Manmohan Singh and Darshan Singh in Vallandhai village have turned their land – popularly known as Sikh farms – into orchards of mangoes, guavava, amla and watermelons.

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