Farmers Halt Filming of Bobby Deol Film in Patiala

A group of farmers prevented the crew of Bobby Deol’s new film ‘Love Hostel’ to be filmed in Patiala. The incident happened on February 5 where a large group of farmers came to the site and requested the crew to halt the filming. The star cast wasn’t present on the set but the crew packed their equipment and left.

Actor Bobby Deol

The farmers spoke to the media onsite and stated that since Bobby is part of the Deol family which is connected with BJP that there film would not be allowed in the city.

The farmers further stated that the Deol family did not come in support of the farmers. The farmers also expressed disappointment in Hema Malini’s recent tweet on the farmers protest.

Hema Malini wrote, “Im intrigued by foreign celebrities to whom our glorious country, India, is just a name they have heard, boldly making statements about our internal happenings and policies! Wonder what they are trying to achieve, and more imptly, who are they trying to please?”

The protesting farmer representatives further stated that any member of the Deol family would not be allowed to film in Punjab or Haryana.

Video from the protest against the shooting of the film: