Farmers Fed Up With Bribes Unleash Bag Full of Snakes in Govt Office

Lucknow: A farmer fed up with government officials for bribing released 40 snakes inside a tax office in the city.

The incident from a few years ago went viral on social media in recent days. According to reports, the farmer wanted to teach a lesson to the government officials and so he took three bags filled with snakes including cobras and unleashed them inside.

The incident dates back to 2011, when Haqqul Khan, a farmer, was fed up by the demands for bribe by the babus and decided to teach them a lesson. He with a help from a fellow farmer emptied 3 bags full of snakes.

Khan had asked protected land to preserve the snakes but the request wasn’t answered. Forest officials came and captured the snakes and no one was hurt from the incident.

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