Fans Heckle Jazzy B Wanting to Take Selfies, Clash Erupts

Hungama during stage performance of Jazzy B: Jazzy B manhandled by a group of boys in Kartarpur. According to media reports, Some youths created ruckus during Punjabi Singer Jazzy B’s stage performance. Jazzy B was performing at marriage palace near Kartarpur Jalandhar where clashes break out between some youths and bouncers of Jazzy B.


Some boys insisted to click picture with Jazzy B. jazzy B told them they can do it later. Boys irritated with Jazzy B’s response and then clash erupted between boys and bouncers of Jazzy B on stage. Some Bouncers of jazzy B injured in clashes. According to Jagbani, plates and chairs etc also thrown on Jazzy B.

A user Manisha Kaur commented on the situation on social media:

“The nature of the clash is just stupid though. Fans interrupted a live performance wanting selfies and then caused a fight. It wasn’t about a dislike towards Jazzy B but Indians being Indians.”

News reported by Jagbani:

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