Famous Punjabi Singer’s Daughter Jailed For Sexual Relations With Student

Amardeep Boparai daughter of a very popular and famous Punjabi Singer has been sentenced to jail for having sexual relations with her special education student.

Amardeep Bhoparai was first arrested in 2013 and admitted to the charges in court and she was sentenced this past week. The student she sexually abused was suffering from attention deficit, hyperactivity and dyslexia.

Amardeep showered the child with expensive gifts, hotel stays, and lavish experiences. After the student told Amardeep he’d like to move on, she persuaded him not to by text and phone messages. The court heard from the prosecutor she had send him many sexual texts.

The famous Punjab Singer has disabled his Twitter and Facebook accounts after British media broke the story of his daughter involved in the sexual relation case with a minor.

Reportedly, the sexual encounters happened inside a school art room, many times in her own car, and a hotel near the school. Reportedly by media reports, she purchased bottle of vodka and drank with him at a hotel.

The young boy wanted to have relationship with a girl his own page but Amardeep pressured him not to according to British media reports.

Amardeep will be put on the national sexual offenders list.

The judge to Amardeep said she owed the child a “duty of care” and by providing him lavish gifts and experiences, she thought “he would be attached to you”.

Amardeep’s lawyer stated her client fell in love with the boy, knew it was wrong, but still continued.

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