Famous Lawyer Sukhmanpreet Singh Sidhu shot dead in Sector 17 of Chandigarh. The police haven’t released any information of the murder. The police have stated the matter is under investigation. The case is expected to be a high profile murder case as he had contacts with major politicians.

Via: APS Mann From Sangat Television.
Someone cowardly shot him dead in Chandigarh. It’s not his family’s or mine loss as a close friend but it’s a lose of Punjab. He was one of the most upcoming boy in the Punjab. He was a national level shooter and famous lawyer, doing allot of social work and helping thousands. Just came back from canada tour 3 days ago. RIP Sukhmanpreet Singh Sidhu, you will be missed frown emoticon never knew that you will make me and thousands cry.

It’s extremely sad and worse day.

Sippy bro ! In our arguments you never believed that this is worse place to live, if you can be shot dead than humanity is killed in this country.

Waheguru tainu apne charna ch sthaan deve yaar… Dhokhe tan bde hunde ne dunia te..tere naal aida dhokha krn wale nu baksheya nahi jawega…
Alwida dosta
APS Mann

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