A father, his wife, and their son were brutally murdered in a rental property in Chehlan village of Samrala this past friday afternoon.

The victims were tied up with cotton stuffed inside their mouths. The police identified the victims as Sukhdev Singh age 50, Gurmeet Kaur age 48, and son Harjot Singh age 25.

The three members of the family were tortured before being hacked to death by an axe. The police are identifying the suspects as acquaintances of the family.

The neighbors realized suspicious activity when they realized the doors of the home to be left open. They told the media they went to wish the family happy holi but instead found dead bodies in separate rooms of the home. The alerted the police who turned the home into a crime scene when bodies of the three people were found.

The police registered cases under section 302 of murder charges at the Samrala police station against unidentified persons. An axe was recovered on the crime scene which was used in the murder of the three.

The only surviving member of the family is the eldest son Jatinder who visited the home once a month as he worked at a hotel far away.

Jatinder told the media that the family never had any problems with people. The police are alleging that the family was sedated before being killed.

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