Family Spots Lost Child in Satinder Sartaj’s Song ‘Himayat’

In what has to be a miracle, a family spotted their lost child in Satinder Sartaj’s new song ‘Himayat.’

Nishan Singh in the video of Satinder Sartaj

The family told the media that they were watching Satinder Sartaj’s song ‘Himayat’ when a boy in a pink turban resembled their lost child. The son Nishan Singh was lost for 8 months and was rescued by Prabh Aasra charity. Nishan was taken care of inside Prabh Aasra complex.

The family visited Prabh Aasra on September 23rd, 2019 and he was identified as Nishan Singh. The boy who is mentally challenged and disabled was not able to express his identity. The family obtained certificate from the local DC office and indeed the man was released to the family.

The boy is not a son of the family but a relative. The boy’s father died in early age and the mother abandoned her daughters and sons. The boy was adopted by one of his uncles whose also in elder age.

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