Family Shuts Down Hair Cutting Business After Experiencing Power of Naam

A parcharak whose done a lot of Naam Abhiyas was invited to a family’s house in the UK. The family insisted he visit their home so they’re business can do better as they believed if they did his seva that they’ll be blessed. The parcharak hadn’t known the family run a hair cutting business in the basement.

He stayed on the first floor while doing his tour of Gurdwaras in the local area. Finally, the family revealed to the parcharak that their daughter in law runs the business in the basement.

One the third day, the daughter in law told her in laws she could feel a wave of vibration coming from the top floor. She said she felt as if she can feel a presence coming from that room. The daughter in law went onto say her hands started shaking while she was cutting hair.

The intense vibration coming from the room while Bhai Sahib did naam simran made the woman stop her hair cutting business. She decided to not cut hair again and closed the beauty parlour.

The interesting thing is that Bhai Sahib hadn’t known about the business until the family revealed to him after they decided to shut the business. The power of naam simran coming from Bhai Sahib was so strong that without saying a single word, Bhai Sahib caused the family to end their beauty parlour business.

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