Family to Pakistan: “Please Don’t Hang Surjit Singh” (Video)

With school children in Peshawar, Pakistan, the bloody game played by the enemies of humanity, the world of the massacre could not come out of shock. After the incident, the Pakistani government ban on the death penalty in the country has been removed. Decision, the neighboring country’s government accused them of execution has started prakriria who was sentenced to death by the courts.

This decision gave some sleepless Indian families. Surjit Singh of Faridkot in Pakistan jail as prisoners of war were sentenced last 4 decades. In 1971 revival went missing in the war with Pakistan, the Indian government declared a martyr, family thought to be a martyr. At 300 years of Khalsa some Indian prisoners released by Pakistan. Prisoners returned informed that the revival of Pakistan is in jail. Family from Pakistan’s former minister Ansar Burney took the government at the rate of imposed pleads for help. Father son back home with hope paranage Amrik Singh has been a decade of efforts. But now Pakistan after the decision of the whole family sleep.

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