The family of Vivek Pandher spoke to reporters regarding the tragic death during an electronic music festival near Vancouver Canada.

The cause of death was determined to be a heat stroke which led Vivek to be eventually brain dead.

Friends of Vivek:

“He was too creative and a natural artist. He was a nature lover and conscious for environment. He belonged to a well-off family, but he used only bicycle to move in city. Vivek never flaunted his upbringing and did everything from the core of heart,” said Harp Farmer, videographer, Vivek’s friend.

“He had a vision about life. He did several projects of videography and photography but never for money. He wanted to preserve the heritage and culture of Punjab. He initiated ‘Punjabi Poetica’ visual project and recorded several famous poets of Punjabi. He was a different personality, who used to write letters to his friends in this era of technology,” said Harnavbir Singh, a well-known wedding photographer.

Vivek did sill photography with some Punjabi movies and assisted a renowned film maker recently in Canada.
Vivek’s father Jaswant Singh Zafar is a renowned poet and prose writer.

Mann Singh Toor, an artist said: “We have lost a talented young man. He was an amazing photographer. It is a shock for the literary and the art lovers of the city.”

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