(DSU News Bureau) A Sikh taxi driver and his passenger tragically lost their life after a drunk driver hit their car in Calgary, Canada. The drunk driver lived but was charged with driving while impaired and murder charges.

The Sikh taxi driver who immigrated from Punjab 6 years ago left behind a wife and 2 daughters. The family remained in shocked days later and mourning the loss of their loved one.

The family of the passenger visited their daughter, sister and friend on Saturday and gave their goodbye. The family has decided to raise money for the Singh’s family.


They were quoted saying to a local newspaper, “Those girls don’t get 25 years with their dad. We just want to support them and love on them and raise awareness,” said Lavallee’s sister Caitlin.

The sister of the victim said her sister would be in favor of helping and supporting the Sikh’s family members.

“It reflects so much of who Jillian was,” Caitlin said.

“We didn’t think twice. Helping them is all we want to do. My poor mom just wants to go and hug his wife, and children.”

The wife of the Singh said her husband always put a smile on people’s face and he was a very hard working man.

“I was the luckiest woman on earth to have him as a husband but now I’m the unluckiest person on earth,” she said Monday.

That the other family devastated by the tragic crash is raising funds to support her own family through their grief is overwhelming, said Harbreet.

“I’m really, really, really thankful to them … They’ve lost their daughter, but they want to support my daughters,” she said.

The families have taken an initiative to speak out on driving while drunk.

“Don’t destroy a family,” she said.

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