Family Members Accuse Maryland Gurdwara For Protecting Convicted Molester, Ask For Public Apology

Family members of the victim went live on Jus Punjabi TV network to ask Gurdarshan Singh, Gurdwara Committee, and Dr. Rajwant Singh for a public apology. The family on the widely watched Punjabi TV network stated that Gurdarshan Singh was protected by the Maryland Gurdwara and wasn’t disciplined for the molestation abuse that he was convicted but instead remained the Granthi of the Gurdwara Sahib.

The petition started by Karan Singh has received over 1,100 signatures. The petition reads:

“In July of this year, a blogsite was published exposing Gurdarshan Singhs child molestation case. Who is Gurdarshan? In 1996/1997, Gurdarshan Singh was accused of sexual misconduct after a survivor spoke about the sexual abuse they suffered from their keertan teacher in the State of Maryland. The court documents in record state that the minor was abused over the course of 3 years and aged 11–13 years old. In 1997, Gurdarshan Singh pleaded guilty to sexual offense in the 4th degree.

He was sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment which was not completed and instead reduced to 18 months probation. Even after the court conviction and guilty plea Gurdarshan was allowed by Dr. Rajwant to continue working around youth for decades. It was only until after the blogsite was published did the gurdwara finally accept Gurdarshan’s resignation. 

Recently, the parents of the victim released a video presenting the facts of the case. In response to this video, Dr. Rajwant issued a pathetic ‘apology’. Dr. Rajwant needs to publicly address his involvement. 

Boycott Dr. Rajwant until he publicly apologizes along with Gurdarshan and the committee at GGSF Gurdwara in front of the victim’s family and the sangat. “

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Posted by Jus Punjabi on Saturday, October 17, 2020

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