This Family Made Sarabloh Bata Used in 1699 Khalsa Ceremony (Video)

The ironsmiths of village Gharuan are busy in their rare work to serve the Singhs by making ‘Sarab-Loh’ bata

The word sarabloh is a compound word from sarab meaning all, or entirely, and loha meaning iron, or loh meaning iron cook ware.

In Sikhism, Sarbloh is commonly used to mean all iron cookware, eating utensils or kirpan. Many gurdwaras have langar kitchens equipped with enormous sarbloh cookware which has the capacity to contain a large enough quantity of food to feed hundreds of people. Sarbloh is often used in the preparation of the blessed delicacy karah prashad distributed as a sacred offering at the end of a Sikh worship service. In ancient times Sarbloh cookware could be used to cook over a brick fire pit. Brick fire pits can still be found in historic gurdwaras, though many have been converted with gas burners.

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