At village Dabar near Ajanala a fake baba or god man was questioned by Singhs from Damdami Taksal Mehta Ajnala, Satkar Committee, and Gurdwara committee members from Baba Deep Singh Gurdwara Ajnala. The baba fooled innocent people and ripped them off on a daily basis. The baba had no choice but to ask for forgiveness and to openly accept his wrong doings.




The Singhs onsite stated the fake Baba Tarsem Singh known as Baba Bila had kept Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji at his home and would sit at equal level with Guru Sahib’s saroop. The fake Baba would promise people fortunes and to cure any of their health related problems.

Gurdwara Committee of Baba Deep Singh Gurdwara in Ajnala recovered the saroop. Fake Baba Billa wrote an apology letter which was given to the SHO who registered a complaint.

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