Facebook Post on Honest Sikh Taxi Driver Goes Viral

Kolkata: Facebook post regarding An act of honesty by a Sikh taxi driver in Kolkata has gone viral on media.
Taxi Driver Sardar Katiyar Singh drove all the way back from Bhawanipur to Moulali (Kolkata) to return it to the passenger who had forgotten the phone in his taxi. Rajesh Ghosh, a resident of Arambagh in West Bengal who hails from Bhubaneshwar in Odisha had traveled in Katiyar Singh’s taxi in Kolkata and forgot his mobile phone in the taxi.

As Ktiyar Singh not only returned his phone to Ghosh but also didn’t accept anything in return, Ghosh decided to thank him in his own way. Ghosh then took to Facebook and posted a status with his photograph with the Sikh taxi driver which has been shared more than 19000 times, with 52,000 plus likes .

Rajesh Ghosh posted on his facebook account:

Got my mobile phone back within an hour of forgetting it in a taxi. The taxi driver not only drove all the way back from Bhawanipur to Moulali (Kolkata) to return the phone, but also refused to accept anything in return when i offered money. He told me “Hum sardar log mehenat se paisa kamatey hai”. Yes he is Mr. Katiyar Singh.
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