A Muslim and Black Man supported the Sikh lives matter protests in the UK. The two men witnesses the massive police numbers during the protests and it was just before the police brutality started.

By keeping young children, families and elders in cornered off pens you are not fulfilling no function rather complete absurdity. We would hate to think if it was a muslim rally etc you would of done the same.

Instigating Sikhs, by snapping the Nishaan Sahib. Pushing sangat around. Enough is enough. Instead of engaging with the Sangat who were in process of opening up one of the lanes, they decided to bring the horses and riots police in. Many Sikhs engaged in dialogue and said let us re open a lane, time is required for this. But no, heavy handed and over excited TSG unit was there, and with no direct warning formed and charged.

Armed police did eventually turn up towards the end. Really come to think about it the police here if had the chance would probably slaughter us. Their genuine racism (MacPherson Report – Steven Lawrence enquiry) coupled with the orders from high above give them the required support and green light to go ahead.

Black and Muslim Man Support Sikhs by dailysikhupdates

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