(DSU News Bureau) The capital of India, New Delhi is located on seismic zone 4 which makes it one of the most dangerous places on earth geologically as it’s highly prone to earthquakes.

The city isn’t even close to be prepared for a severe earthquake as 80% of it’s buildings wouldn’t be able to withstand.

Prof Mahesh Tandon, president of Indian Association of Structural Engineers said, “People have a short memory of disaster if they were not involved in it directly. There have been schemes to retrofit existing buildings to be able to withstand an earthquake but no action has been taken.”

He went onto say “The previous governments were just not serious about it. We are worried about how buildings look but not how safe they are. A structural engineer is responsible for that, not the architect. Delhi’s revised building bylaws are to be notified shortly but these have been made by architects, not structural engineers.”

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