Exclusive Video of Harbhajan Mann Talking With Bhai Gurbaksh

After KS Makhan, Harbhajan Mann is now the 2nd singer to visit Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa at Lakhnaur Sahib Morcha. During the first hunger strike of Bhai Gurbaksh back in October 2013 almost every singer and known personality visited him at Amb Sahib in Chandigarh. However, things are not the same this as only 1 other singer has visited and shown support to Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa.

Singers are staying away from Bhai Gurbaksh perhaps due to distance to Haryana or other personal reasons. By Harbhajan Mann attending the morcha, Mann has gained lot of respect among Sikhs as he has shown extreme courage by visiting Bhai Gurbaksh. Mann received lot of backlash after he was seen in a political ad earlier in the year but now it seems like Mann has redeemed himself.

Now it remains to be seen which other singers come to support Bhai Gurbaksh as Harbhajan Mann has now put pressure on other singers to attend. It was only after an outpouring by sangat during the last morcha that gained nationwide attention, which this time around there is lack of awareness.

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