Exclusive New Video, Kabaddi Players Emotional Say Game Was Unfair

Exclusive new video shows the full point of view from the Pakistani Kabaddi team side. Players get emotional over umpiring unfairness. They state in all angles the umpires were against the team.

The Pakistani Coach expressed his frustration of umpiring during the Kabaddi World Cup 2014. The coach kept pointing out the issues he felt were happening and ignored. The frustration primarily came from the umpiring and he was quick to point out the Indian Kabaddi Players misuse and conduct. However, many are arguing that both sides didn’t play clean and both sides were equally wrong.

This outburst by the Pakistani side has created a major controversy and has highlighted many things which were previously ignored. The frustration might be due to a number of things but it remains to be seen what the outcome is if any.

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