Diljit Dosanjh has fast become one of the most liked Indian singers in the mainstream. The talent of the Punjabi singer is being appreciated by the Bollywood Music and Film Industry.

Despite Diljit’s fast rise to stardom, he’s not forgotten about promoting Sardari and showing the world the values Sikh hold in their daily life. When artists make it to Bollywood they often settle for a non-turban look to make it big in the Hindi Film Industry. However, in various TV shows and numerous interviews on YouTube Channels he’s always told the world about his Sikh values and what it means to be a Sikh.

Diljit has gained tremendous respect for speaking about Sikhi in the major media channels and he often says that it’s his turban that has brought him fame.

The latest song of Diljit Dosanjh by his home production Famous Studios ‘El Sueno’ deals with Sikhs protecting women and the meaning of Sardari.

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