The Rajoana movement in late 2012 saw a record number of Sikh youngsters who either kept ‘kesh’ or became Amritdhari according to new data released from a survey conducted in Canada and USA.

The survey concluded that the youngsters saw the mass unification of Sikhs as inspiration to embrace the faith fully and contribute towards common goals.

The massive wave of Sikh youngsters joining the faith by embracing it’s articles saw the formation of dozens of Sikh organizations worldwide. Various groups on social media were formed to resolve issues and to spread Sikh awareness in the mainstream.

One of the most popular groups,’Basics of Sikhi’ saw tremendous growth which enabled many youngsters to learn about the religion.

The survey sample of 1,000 Sikh youngsters from 15-25 years of age saw 70% had kept their ‘kesh’ after 2012.

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