Nazar Singh from Sunderland UK who is the oldest man in Europe has died at the age of 111. He was born in Punjab in 1904 and lived in England for 50 years.


Nazar Singh died earloy Saturday morning while visiting his family in India.

One of Nazar Singh’s grandson’s told the Guardian UK:

“He was an incredible chap. He has lived a very happy and fulfilling life. For the past few weeks he has been suffering with a few illnesses. He has had pneumonia but he was a fighter. Unfortunately, his time has passed. It was early hours on Saturday, just before Fathers’ Day.”

“He had a huge family and that also played a part in him living so long,” he said.

The daily diet of the 111 year old man consisted of drinking milk and almond oil. He also ate fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and slept for ten hours each night.

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