Gangster Davinder Bambiha killed in a police encounter.

A young dreaded gangster Davinder Bambiha, who was shot dead in an encounter in Rampur Phool town by the Bathinda police, had never returned to his village Bambiha Bhai here in Baghapurana constituency, about 40 km from the district after he was booked in a murder case in 2010.

Bambiha’s mother Paramjeet Kaur has been living alone after his father Iqbal Singh died of cardiac arrest and his two sisters Rupinder Kaur and Pushpinder Kaur are married.
As per the information, in October 2010, Bambiha had accompanied his friend to solve the problem of his friend’s girlfriend. But his friend had opened fired on the rival resulting into his death.

Along with his friend, the police had also booked him on the charges of murder. Villagers said that after that incident, he had indulged into the criminal activities and his mother had disowned him after his name started coming amongst the gangsters.

The gangster was hit with 3 bullets and died before arriving at the hospital. He’s been a wanted gangster for a long time from the police. The encounter took place in Bhathinda where Bambiha and his friend Tara were killed.

Police surrounded Rampuraphul where the Bambiha was located. Bambiha was known to be a dangerous gangster and he would often take to social media to talk about his criminal activities.

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