Emotional Shaheedi Scene of Bhai Taru Singh Ji (Video)

Never know when someone gets inspired to proudly adorn the Sikhi Saroop again!!
excerpt from the most respected landmark Sikh movie ever “Bhai Taru Singh: True Saint. Fearless Soldier”.
This clip depicts the final moments before Bah Sahib ji’s scalp was removed on 9th June 1745 and it’s aftermath.
Bhai Taru Singh ji remained alive for 22 days and attained martyrdom on 1st July 1745 (The day is now observed as per Nanakshahi calendar on 16th July)

Born in Punjab during the reign of the Mughal Empire, Bhai Taru Singh was raised as a Sikh by his widowed mother, Bibi Dharam Kaur as his father, Bhai Jodh Singh had died in battle. During this time, Sikh revolutionaries were plotting the overthrow of the Khan and had taken refuge in the jungle. Bhai Taru Singh and his sister, Tar kaur (Taro) Kaur gave food and other aid to these Sikh fighters. Akil Das, having informed the authorities about both of them to Zakaria Khan, the two of them were arrested for treason. Though his sister’s freedom was bought by the villagers, Bhai Taru Singh refused to seek a pardon.[2]

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