Emotional Homeless Man Thanks Sikhs For Feeding Him

Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen is a voluntary Sikh organization which feeds homeless people on the streets of England. Sikhs are doing some amazing Seva on freezing cold nights and providing food for the less fortunate.

Sikhs in the UK are leading campaigns across the country by feeding homeless people in most major cities. The groups are: Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, Sikh Welfare and Awareness Society, Midlands Langar Seva Society and few other smaller groups.

Here is the message posted by Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen Sevadaars:

“Wow. Another great service from the Edinburgh team. Over 120 people provided with a warm meal on this cold night.
Please watch this video to get a better understanding of the benefits this type of selfless service offers.
Get involved by sharing and liking our page to keep up to date on the latest support being offered by GNFK across the UK.
Want to help. Check out the poster and see if these are things you can help provide. Drop off points are also listed in the about us section.
A big Thanks to the Sikh Gurdwara, Edinburgh Sikh Sangath (volunteers) and everyone else who is involved for making this night another one to remember for those in need.”

Homeless Guru Nanak Free kitchen by dailysikhupdates

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