A Sikh woman’s body was found floating in a bay of Malaysia called Sungai Udang. The woman had become a victim of a web of crimes in the area.

After being kidnapped she was murdered last Saturday and thrown into the bay. As of now, the suspect is still at large and the Penang police area conducting an investigation to figure out what happened.

The woman aged 60 was the managing director of a local security company and her fellow employees reported her missing this past Friday.

The husband of the woman reported to authorities that another woman had called him demanding ransom for her.

Below crimes are being suspected to be linked:

5 People have been arrested after being involved in 51 cases of crime in Bernama, Malayasia. The accused committed the crimes by dressing up as Health Department workers and pest control staff.

They robbed peoples houses by misleading them into checking their premises. The criminals requested their victims to evacuate their premises and then stole valuable such as equipment and cash.

The items seized from the robbers was mosquito repllent sprays, chemicals, a cell phone, and a vehicle which they used to flee.

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