An elderly Sikh woman walking down Soho Road died after a car during rush hour crashed into her on Soho Road, Birmingham at 5.30pm Friday.

The woman was hit by a white Vaushall Astra near the Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sahib on Soho Road. The woman died at the scene due to fatal injuries to the head.

The motorist stopped to check on her after the accident but according to West Midlands police, he drove away shortly after speaking to a few people.

The man is missing and police have released the description of his vehicle a sporty car with a spoiler and a black roof.

The Heart UK quoted local police:

He said: “The car would have suffered considerable front end damage, with the bumper hanging off, and I’m sure would have caught the attention of other drivers and pedestrians.

“I’d also urge the driver to do the decent thing and get in touch so that he can put across his side of the story.”

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