In Danville, Virginia an elderly couple showed that age is no factor to subdue a robber. The armed robber came inside the store with a bandanna around his face and pointed the weapon towards the woman.

The woman shocked couldn’t believe what was happening in front of her eyes. Then, out of nowhere the woman’s husband comes and grabs the robber from the back and tries to subdue him.

The robber tries his best to get the older man off his back but the elderly man holds on tight and brings the robber to the floor. The couple are seen to jointly pin the robber down and try their level best to prevent him from getting away.

The bystanders watch in awe and shock but no one comes forward to help out. The woman calls the police and the police arrive relatively quick and arrest the robber.

A rare but inspiring story:

Elderly couple battle robber by dailysikhupdates

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