Eco Sikh Aims to Plant Sustainable 550 Plant Jungles in Each Punjab Village

EcoSikh an environmental awareness group launched an initiative to plant 550 plants and trees in a Japanese model called the Miyawaki forest. The purpose of planting the 550 plants in villages and cities is to help combat pollution, to clean the air, and to provide biodiversity.

The initial date of several Miyawaki model forests have shown an increase of 30% in oxygen and the arrival of unique bugs and insects which help in the survival of the forest.

After the success of the first forest models in several Punjab villagers, many people have made it an initiative to plant a forest in their village and city in remembrance of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Gurpurab.

Returning to a 3 months old Guru Nanak Sacred Forest planted by EcoSikh. This is the speciality of a Miyawaki forest. This forest was planted on June 14, 2019. A great development in the health, height, desity of the plants and high increase in the biodiversity. If followed the right methodology of planting the forest, each plant grows well, take care of each other and boost the biodiversity of the area and creates a rich forest soil in the area.

Gurpreet Ghuggi supporting EcoSikh’s initiative of Guru Nanak Sacred Forest!

What’s the difference between a tree growing alone and in a jungle. Checkout this 3 months old Guru Nanak Sacred Forest at Chanarthal, Fatehgarh Sahib.

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