A man was caught on camera assaulting his wife after she found him cheating with another woman at Goa International Airport.

The video shows a nasty brawl between them, which culminates in the husband slapping and kicking the woman.

In this video, this lady followed her husband as she have a doubt on him and she came till Goa to check out whether she is right or not.

But, to her surprise she was right and when she asked her husband to leave the lady and get back home, the man assaulted her.

The video which went public on Thursday shows a couple, who are accused by another woman, claiming to be the man’s wife. While the man does not dispute the claim he is far from being apologetic.

The husband is enraged and slaps his wife and even kicks her in the stomach. Onlookers mostly taxi drivers, who are quietly watching the drama till then, intervene and restrain the husband, cautioning him.

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