Dr. Gandhi expressed the condition of Punjab in poetry.

Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi arrived in Canada for a tour. He sat down with major Punjabi Canadian journalists of the West coast to discuss issues concerning Punjab. The 1 hour interview of a variety of questions gave an opportunity to understand Dr. Gandhi’s viewpoint on some of the most talked about issues of the 2017 Punjab Assembly elections.

During the interview, Dr. Gandhi did not distance himself from the AAP party but assured NRIs that he is a part of the party and would reconcile with the leaders if they took his suggestion of the MLA selection process.

The suggestion of the selection process by Dr. Gandhi is that volunteers should be given a chance to select the MLA candidate in a democratic process. Dr. Gandhi wants 80% of the MLA candidates to be selected who’ve been with the party for at least a year. He stated that he doesn’t object if the party selects 20% of their own picking up majority should be selected by the volunteers.

Dr. Gandhi provided his viewpoint on many majors issues.

Here are ten reasons why he truly deserves to be the AAP party’s Punjab CM Candidate.

1. Served Punjab for over 30 years in the grassroots.
2. As an MP of Patiala he allotted 2300 crores for projects in his constituency and all date is provided on his website.
3. He introduced the Sikh Marriage bill in the Lok Sabha a few months ago which recognizes the Anand Karaj ceremony.
4. He was one of the first politicians to visit Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa for the release of Sikh political prisoners.
5. He supports the Anandpur Sahib Resolution. In the interview he expressed his view that Punjab’s riparian rights should be honored.
6. Wants to give Punjab the ability to charge other states who use it’s water. He stated that at the lowest cost Punjab could have earned 2300 Lakh Crores from all the water other states have taken.
7. He provided solution to Punjab’s farmer sucicde crisis. He stated that the debt of small farmers should be waived and that Cooperative farming should be passed. Cooperative farming would allow small farmers to get together to sell their crops at a market place rather than individuals selling by themselves. A Co-Op gives farmers more leverage over their crops.
8. He agreed that Chandigarh is Punjab’s property and should be recognized as part of Punjab.
9. He stressed that a short term solution to save Punjab’s water, soil, and farmers is to start organic farming.
10. Dr. Gandhi is fully for the release of Sikh political prisoners who’ve served their terms.
11. Reorganisation of jails. Dr. Gandhi stated that many petty criminals should be set free as they are a burden to the jail system. He says that too many people are sitting in jail that have committed minor crimes.
12. Legalisation of natural drugs. Dr. Gandhi states that the growth of the drug mafia and the use of drugs is particularly due to the ban on natural drugs such as ‘bhukki’. He states that the Mafia benefits as a result of the ban and resulting in more use of natural drugs than a reduction in the use. He called for counseling and rehabilitation centers to treat and withdraw people from using drugs.

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