According to data from the SGPC, the donations to Sri Darbar Sahib have increased over 16% in the last five years.

In 2012-2013 the donation amount was about 67 crore and went to 69 crore in 2013-2014. The donations further increased to 73 crores and finally to 75 crore in 2017.

The SGPC officials have pointed to an increased number of traffic to the Golden Temple Complex in recent years and now projects the numbers to go above 78 crores.

The upgrades around Sri Darbar Sahib have also caught attention from tourists and people worldwide. The newly constructed heritage street has attracted lot of people. The shops in the past were disorganized with no common structure, however the renovations have attracted a diverse group of people.

The numbers in actuality are even higher because their are golaks throughout the complex which get donations. The actual number of donations at the Golden Temple Complex is estimated to be above 100 crore.

The kitchen at Sri Darbar feeds over 100,000 people per day and over 1500 quintal of just wheat flower is used on a daily basis.

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