BJP supporter known as Sakhshi Maharaj says the wife of Aamir Khan should leave India for Taliban or Iran. The comments came after Aamir Khan made public comments that his wife had decided to leave India due to intolerance.

Aamir Khan in the interview said that there is growing sense of despondency in India. He stated in the last 6 months that India is unsafe for Kiran and his kids due to growing intolerance. He says he feels depressed on what’s happened recently and that he’s afraid to read newspapers.

Trying dehyphenate the acts of terror across the world from religion, actor Aamir Khan on Monday, speaking at the eighth Ramnath Goenka Awards, said, “When you see a person committing violence, the first mistake we make is labeling them Islamic terrorist/Hindu terrorist. This is wrong.”

Asked to respond why he doesn’t think it’s right to link terror with Islam when Paris attackers were seen holding the Quran, the actor said, “A person killing with the Quran in his hand might think he is Muslim, but he is not. He’s just a terrorist.”

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