SGPC Chief Gobind Singh Longowal represented Gurbani lines in the wrong way. The head of the SGPC not only added his own words into Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s bani but also gave out the wrong meaning. It appeared Gobind Singh Longowal had limited knowledge of Gurbani when he spoke the words and literally did not remember the exact lines by any means.

It’s quite sad that the largest Sikh organization’s leader has no idea about gurbani and the lines. In history, we see countless examples of what happens to people who disrespect gurbani and or make up their own lines. One of the biggest examples is Guru Har Rai’s own son Ram Rai who misinterpreted Gurbani to the Mughal ruler and was declared to be not part of the Sikh community anymore by his own father.

However, it appears that political leaders get away with disrespecting Gurbani and there is no one to take action against them due to them having strong political power.

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