Dhadi Jathas have largely been put on the sidelines for the past 30 years. The Jathas have been complaining for quite some time on not getting prime time on dharmic stages and often when there isn’t much sangat in the crowd. The Jathas have seen a sharp decline in visits to foreign nations as was seen 20 years ago.

However, one brave Dhadi Jatha member that performed at the 351 Sri Patna Sahib Celebrations spoke out against the discrimination. He stated that why is that time of Dhadi Jathas always gets cut when time is running short. He was implying that there are so many people who give speeches and waste time on stage but there isn’t any strict enforcement on them but when the Dhadi Jatha is set to perform they are told that their time has to be cut. The fearless member of the Jatha spoke about the discrimination in front of the Akal Takht Jathedar and other heads of various Sikh groups.

Dhadi and or Kavishri Jathas have been around for hundreds of years who’ve revived the aspirations of the Sikhs through their singing.

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