Diljit Sung Shabad “Faiz E Noor” Released (Video)

The shabad “Faiz E Noor” is sung by Diljit Dosanjh whose prior renditions of religious songs has been quite praiseworthy. There has been quite a bit hype surrounding the famous shabad which praises Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. The shabad is known to be written in the presence of Guru Ji himself by Bhai Nand Lal Goya

Here is the Shabad:
Naasro Mansoor Guru Gobind singh
Eizde Mansoor Guru Gobind singh
(God has given Guru Gobind singh somethig special to help poor and oppressed one’s)

Haq ra ganzoor Guru Gobind singh
zumla faize noor Guru Gobind Singh
( Guru Gobind singh is like a treasures of God and he is kings of king)

Khaq Rob sahaye Guru Gobind singh
Khumas vasaf pareye Guru Gobind singh
( Such is Personality i.e., Jaho-jalal of Guru Gobind singh that even enemies respect him)

Bardo-aalam dast Guru Gobind singh
jumla oolvi past Guru Gobind singh
(This world and that world both are in hands of Guru Gobind singh) (** This translation is mine, please pardon I am no expert on Farsi **)
Bhai Sahab Nand Lal ji lived with Guru Sahib until the Chamkur invasion that’s upto Dec. of 1704, Bhai Sahab Nand lal ji left this world in Jan of 1712.

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