Diljit Dosanjh: “Gurbani Has Helped Refresh My Mind, I read and Listen Gurbani Daily”

Punjabi and Bollywood actor Diljit Dosanjh in his latest interview with the BBC Asian Network has stated that Gurbani has helped him refresh and relax his mind.

He stated, “I listen and read Gurbani everyday and it has such a power that it refreshes my mind.” Diljit added, “I read Chaupai Sahib Paath everyday.” This isn’t the first time Diljit has opened up about his spiritual life and how Gurbani has contributed to him being a better person. In several interviews of Diljit in the last 5 years, he’s stated how important Sikhi is to him and how it’s helped him in his life. In particular, he’s always stated the tremendous respect he holds for the turban and he only accepts film roles which allow him to have the Turban.

It’s important to mention that Diljit Dosanjh is the only mainstream Sikh actor that has not compromised the turban and the only turban wearing consistent actor in Bollywood.

He further mentions that he doesn’t take any type of intoxicants and tries to maintain a simple life style.

It’s certainly wonderful to see that Diljit Dosanjh has not only spread awareness of Sikhs in the mainstream but is holding strong values and Gurbani to the core of his heart.

Here is his interview with the BBC Asian Network:

In an interview with Akaal Channel, Diljit mentions that his dream is to take amrit when he turns 60 and to act in a Hollywood film as a GurSikh.

Here is the Akaal Channel interview:

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