A video posted by an artist named Nicolas Jurnjack Hair on Youtube has started a debate on whether showing a Nihang Singh style turban made about of “Hair” or some type of fiber resembling hair is appropriate.

The following questions require debating:

Is it appropriate for a half naked model to wear a Sikh Turban? Is it sacrilege? Is Blashemy being committed against Sikh religious symbols?

The artist says it’s homage to Sikh culture? Is it so?

Why did the artist not use the actual fabric or related for such turban styles?

If the artist really wanted to showcase the Sikh turban, why he chose half naked model and instead why not showcase the entire Sikh uniform of Nihangs?

The video shows a model wearing a Nihang style turban with Khanda emblems. The Khanda emblem has deep religious meanings to the Sikh faith.

Sikhs wear turbans representing sacrifice, sovereignty, dedication, self-respect and courage.

The artist posted the following message under the description:

“Homage to the artistry, culture & tradition of the Sikh.

I’ve always had a great admiration for the Sikh culture & artistry. The turban’s shape, the style, the different colors, the ornaments – are a masterpiece of art. What always intrigued me was the dexterity, precision and artistry seen in the wrapped layers and long lengths of cloth.

As a creative hairstylist the turban has been on my top ten list of hair inspirations for a very long time.

In the mid 1990’s I did the hair for the Antonio Beradi’s fashion show in London and I decided to do a turban for model Honor Fraser.

Since then I’ve been working on developing my ideas to create a turban that speaks of the my admiration and pays homage to the skill and tradition of the Sikh’s.”

Learn more about Nihangs: Who are Nihang Singhs?

The artist has removed the video after a Sikh explained in detail regarding the meaning of the Sikh Turban.

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