Dhumma Puts Allegations on Badal Government

Damdami Taksal chief Harnam Singh Dhumma on Thursday accused the state government of favouring Sikh preacher Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale.
Dhumma, who had called a meeting of Panthic organisations at the Taksal headquarters in Chowk Mehta, 30km from here, slammed the government and questioned where was the Akal Takht jathedar when Dhadrianwale was making objectionable remarks against the “dastar” (turban) of the Taksal.

Talking to reporters after the Panthic meet, Baba Dhumma said: “The Punjab government is favouring Dhadrianwale in the attack case. Our men are being tortured by the police. The government is not taking any action against Dhadrianwale supporters who also fired gunshots during the attack.”

“Was the government sleeping when Dhadrianwale was making objectionable remarks the Taksal turban. It didn’t even bother to register a case against him. Today, all are sympathising with him,” he added.
On being asked if the government was supporting Baba Dhadrianwale for vote bank, Dhumma said: “This can be one of the aspects. The probe is not transparent and the issue is being politicised,” he added.
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