In recent days, videos from the Jagowala Jatha criticized Bhai Dhadrianwale over calling the amrit sarovar “pani” and those in the video questioned Bhai Dhadrianwale’s meaning of Sarovar darshan. It appears the videos from both sides have caused Sikhs to be divided with many supporting Bhai Dhadrianwale and others supporting the Jagowala Jatha.

In contextual terms, Bhai Dhadrianwale in his 14 minute video describes how just taking dips in sarovars won’t erase the impurity of the mind but learning to understand Gurbani will make one’s mind pure. The Jagowale Jatha argues that there are examples in Gurbani and history which state that darshan ishnaan in the sarovar has capabilities of improving a person’s mind and physical body.

A war of words has occurred over the last week with many supporters from both sides taking to social media to explain each other’s side.

Bhai Dhadrianwale has stated the Jagowale Jatha is nit picking certain lines from his Diwans and creating controversy due to past events. While the Jagowale Jatha states Bhai Dhadrianwale is disrespecting Amrit Sarovaars.

Following statement was issued by Bhai Dhadrianwale:

“Dhadrianwale did NOT “attack Darbar Sahib” | These were deliberate and extremely ridiculous lies made-up to brainwash the Sikh youth – beware of the continuous propaganda and look through the fog to understand the real motives. Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa has questioned these people, “If your aim is to kill me, why not do it directly instead of making a twisted false case against me to justify your actions?”

How did it start?

First, a video of Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale was published online which explain how it’s important to not just dip in sarovaar but also understand Gurbani.

Response by Jagowale Jatha via Video:

The Jagowale Jatha expressed outrage over Amrit sarovaar being stated as “pani” and over “disrespecting the sarovaar.”

Bhai Dhadrianwale’s response to Jagowale Video:

Jagowale comes back with another video responding to the clarification video of Bhai Dhadrianwale:

Supporters from both sides have since posted videos:

Jaswinder Singh responded on Facebook supporting the Jagowale Jatha:

A supporter of Bhai Dhadrianwale responded to the criticism with the following video:

The controversy has reached Punjab:

Singh Sahib Giani Jaswant Singh at Manji Sahib spoke out against Bhai Dhadrianwale:

Jagowale Issues Press Release:

“9/10/2016 PRESS RELEASE:
UK Jathebandhis meeting at Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji Gurdwara West Bromwich.
Jathebandhis that took part:
Birmingham Gurdwara Council
Sandwell Gurdwara Council
Damdami Taksal UK
Dharam Yudh Jatha – Jathedar Charan Singh
Bhai Randhir Singh – Sangat TV
Various UK Gurughar Pardhaans
Vichaar and faisle taken:
The sangat is very upset by the hurtful words said by ‘sant’ Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale In his diwan in America. The sangat is also not satisfied with the explanation and attempted justification of his actions that he has given. ‘sant’ Dhadrian Wale has broken away from orthodox Gurmat. From this meeting and gathering of various leaders, the sangat will be sending an official complaint as UK sangat to Sri Akaal Takth Sahib. There will also be a National meeting held to alert the sangat of his actions for they do not fall astray. Until a positive decision does not come from Sri Akaal Takth Sahib, it is best the sangat do not listen nor attend Dhadrianwales diwans.

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