Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s son in law Satwinder Singh Bhola was stabbed to death outside his home in Chicago, Illinois. The motive of the attack isn’t yet known but police have stated it isn’t related to robbery.

Satwinder Singh had over 2,000 dollars and a blank check in his pocket which weren’t taken during the deadly stabbing. Satwinder Singh succummbed to injuries outside his complex at 2900 block Cannes Drive according to the Peoria Country Coroner Johnna Ingersoll.

Police stated several stab wounds and a lethal stab to his neck caused the death. The autopsy will be conducted by medical officials on Monday to determine how exactly Satwinder Singh died.

The police arrived around 12:02 am where the body of Satwinder was found laying in the parking lot. The police haven’t identified any suspects.

The Sikh Federation UK released the following statement:

Sikh Federation (UK) has contacted and urged the US State Dept, US State Illinois, US Embassy in UK, India and the UK Foreign Office to look into the wider circumstances and take all necessary action to find and punish the real instigators and culprits of the murder of innocent son, husband and father Shaheed Bhai Satwinder Singh Bhola, son in-law of Jathedar Surat Singh Ji Khalsa.

We have also contacted the US Ambassador to request an urgent meeting to follow up with this latest tragic incident, to keep updated follow us on

The USA rights group the Sikh Coalition released the following statement:

“The Sikh Coalition sends its deepest condolences to the family of Satwinder Singh Bhola (Sidhu). Satwinder, the son in law of Surat Singh, was murdered in Peoria, Illinois last night.

We are in direct contact with the family and are determining how we can best provide support. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this sad and tragic time.”

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