The photograph on the left was taken in 2006 and illustrates the very worst of the Kar Sevaks bodged attempts to renew Sikh buildings. It depicts the shoddy restoration work at the Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai in Amritsar where bathroom tiles were carelessly cemented over priceless wall paintings. This photograph and the story that accompanied it, was arguably one of the most important tools in educating the worldwide Sikh community of the abuses by the guardians of Sikh buildings and the Kar Sevaks.

It galvanised thousands of people and contributed to the SGPC and others into getting professional conservators to work on the restoration of the Baba Atal Burj in a proper professional manner. For that we should be grateful to those who bought the story to light.

Few know that this photograph was taken by Taran Singh Padam (right), who has been a dedicated supporter and volunteer with UKPHA, photographing many events, from our London exhibitions to our more recent events in Brighton and abroad. He has a deep passion and commitment to the cause of Sikh heritage, its preservation and research.

Taran is now fundraising for a cause that is of deep importance to him, and we want to help him reach his goals. “A lot of people tell me that they never knew that I suffered from depression and anxiety” said Taran, “I know that this will never leave me that it is with me for the rest of my life, I’ve learned to cope, live with it and manage it. I have some bad days and some good ones. With the blessings of Akaal Purakh I can say that there are more good days than bad.”

Taran is raising money for SANE – the mental health charity. Let’s show him the support he needs to smash through his fundraising target. You can donate directly to his page here:
Support Taran’s Projet for restoration:

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