The government of Punjab has started work to remove the water tank tower between the Ramgharhia Bungas. The 135 foot tall overhead tank was renovated in 1988 for the storage of municipality water after the one before it was destoryed in 1984.


The water tank sores the view of the the Golden Temple complex and after many complaints for its removal, the state decided to demolish it.

The nearby shops have been ordered to close as they are near the demolition site. The compensation offered to the shop keepers is 25,000 per month.

The large concrete slabs were being removed using a crane.
Chairman of the ADA stated “The tank had eclipsed the view of the Golden Temple. The tourists generally enquire about the significance of Bungas, but it becomes difficult to tell them about the tank that stands between the Bungas.
“This was brought to the notice of the Chief Minister who directed us to do away with the tank. It will take us two months to complete the job. We have adopted a special diamond-cutting technique ,” he said.

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